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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Winnie The Pooh - A Grow and Learn Library Set

This is from Disney's Out & About with Pooh. A Grow and Learn Library Set.
A COMPLETE set consists of 18 Storybooks +1 Parents Guide Book
Preloved - Good Condition

  1. Good As Gold
  2. A Perfect Little Piglet
  3. The Friendship Garden
  4. Look Before You Bounce
  5. The Honey Cake Mix-Up
  6. Eeyore's Happy Tail
  7. There's No Place Like Home
  8. Fun Is Where You Find It
  9. Sweet Dreams
  10. Weather or Not
  11. The Perfect Pet
  12. Cozy Beds
  13. A Wonderful Wind
  14. Rain, Rain, Come Again
  15. Eeyore's Lucky Day
  16. Rabbit's Ears
  17. The Bug Hunt
  18. Owl's World
  19. Parents' Guide
Hardcover - Non Glossy
Code: Pooh Set
Price: RM160 without postage