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Thank you my friends!!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Yummy Brownies!!!

Dear Customers,

My friend, Yati has been in the food industry, specialised in making yummy cupcakes for birthdays, engagement, wedding, festive seasons and brownies for any occasions. She had a bakery and cafe once, but later on decided to do it from home so she can give more attention to her children.
Most of the customers, will keep ordering from her once tried her Marble Cheese Brownies (MCB), I would say it is one of her HOT SELLING brownies as we had tried it too! She's doing some promotions too, so check out more in

My family loves the brownies so much. Give it a try for your 'makan2 sessions' or Open House during Raya. She delivers the brownies/cupcakes herself in certain places and brownies can be posted safely all over Peninsular Malaysia. To find out more please go to her blog

Happy munchies everyone!!