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Thursday, 23 December 2010

WhizKid Progress Laptop by Vtech

WhizKid Progress Laptop by Vtech
Good Condition

- Bright portable laptop.
- 22 activities.
- Spelling and grammar activities, maths, puzzles, games and music.
- Times table activity.
- Block building game.
- 2 player mode.
- Cursor mouse.
- Volume button
- Full qwerty keyboard.
- Requires 2 x AA batteries.
- Suitable for ages 5 onwards

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Code: WhizKid Laptop
Price: RM119 including postage

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Talking Bear with Goldilock Story

Talking Bear with Goldilock Story
Very Good Condition
Have you ever heard a story about The Three Bears and A Goldilock? A Goldilock that went into the woods and found a cottage house. The cottage house belongs to the Bears' family. This is one of famous stories for children and this cute bear will tell you the story by pressing the numbering buttons (as seen in pictures). Batteries included but if it sounds weak, please change the batteries.

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Price: RM70 includes postage