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Thursday, 10 March 2011


      Every single day when we watch news or read newpapers, there must be news about accidents. Not even one day accidents free (is it possible?) Here, I screen shot one news about a tragic incident. This lady drove a car with her 2 children sitting at the back, to make them more comfortable due to hot weather (I guessed) she let the windows opened. I don't know whether the children at the back were using seat belts or not as the news didn't mention this.
     All of the sudden, bamp!!!! the car hit a hole and this poor little child aged 2 years old was flying through the opened window and landed on the road. My prayers goes to the child and the family, may they already overcome their saddness. I don't have any bad intention towards the mother or her family, but let this tragedy be a LESSON to us.

This news was taken from .
     This car did not hit other vehicle, trees, wall or any object and this was not a collision at all!!! When we drive a car and see a bump (road hump) in front of us, we'll slow down coz we know if we drive over it with the same speed, our head definitely will hit the roof.

     Even if a child is buckled with the seat belt, the impact can make the child slips through the belt and ejected him or her. I don't simply say so, go through car seat tests in you tube, you'll know what I meant.

     Here, I've made an effort to make you understand why SEAT BELT is NOT SAFE ENOUGH for children.

     Some might find these photos are distressing. But please keep in mind they used dummy and these pictures are for education purposes only. This is the link from you tube, but I screen captured few photos for people that is unable to watch in you tube (kes kena block dgn IT dept). Credit to SonnieeS.
The height and weight of the dummy in this test was like a 10 year old boy. Securedly fastened with seat belt. When the car started to crash, the dummy nastily forced to the front, but the seat belt restrained him from flying through the windshield.

During the crash, the dummy was forced to the front and then back, and see how the position of the belt. The belt was at the dummy's neck and definitely if this is a boy, he will be suffering spinal injury and can caused him paralyzed.

Just imagine, if the dummy is smaller and lighter than a 10 year old boy, let say 2 years old boy. Do you think the belt will be able to hold him? I know the answer, but I'll let you all find the answer. Coz if you really care about your children and people that you know, I'm sure you will dig more information and share with them.

Here are some possible injuries to the child when using the seat belt alone without proper car seat or booster according to their age and weight:
- severed intestines
- ruptured diaphragms
- spinal damage
- brain/head injuries

    Seat belt is designed for adults and not children. Hence if you observe, a 4 year old kid wearing a seat belt, the lap belt will be on his tummy and the upper belt will be close to his neck. The right way is use a car seat according to the weight and age of the child. If your child is 8 years old, he or she can use a high back booster seat and secured with the seat belt. The lap belt fits properly and spreads crash forces over your child’s hips rather than the soft abdomen, reducing the risk of abdominal injuries.

Thank you for reading such a long post entry, please share the information with your families, friends (and foe?..hehehe) and colleagues. Lepast tu pandai2 la bagi kredit kat ye :).


Be Smart and Safe,
(Kiddypreloved, bukan Kris Daughtry..suka hati aku je tukar ejaan nama dia..hehee)