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Monday, 21 February 2011

Lot 8 - Disney Story Books by Ladybird

6 Disney Story Books by Ladybird
Good Condition
- Bambi
- Peter Pan
- Cinderella
- Sleeping Beauty
- The Lion King
- 101 Dalmatians

Publisher: Ladybird
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Code: Lot 8
Price: RM55 includes postage

Monday, 14 February 2011

Cerita ceriti tentang CAR SEAT.

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all,

I’ve been longing to post more info about Child Safety but been put off by other commitments. Thank you to my lovely customers that sent emails with questions not just about car seats, but also about other things that related to Child Safety. After receive so many questions about child safety, I know I couldn’t let myself been excused anymore (bz sangat la konon..hahaha). I’ve been doing and informing my family, neighbours and friends about the importance of using car seats for children for quite some times (ada la nak dekat 10 thn). Some people nod, agreed with the benefit of using car restraint or car seat, some made argument but most of them just listened but didn’t take any action after that (so ni maksudnya aku cakap sorang2 atau cakap dengan dinding ke hape?). I was actively in few forums discussing about child safety as well as safety for women (a few years ago, tapi dah slow down due to work commitment).

Why am I concentrating on car seats only at the moment? The reason why car seat is my priority coz it was my first intention to educate Malaysian parents about child safety while travelling (buat ni dah lama, meniaga car seat je baru setahun jagung). The awareness about child safety in Malaysia apparently is still low but is making a positive progress. So, it is not about business at the first place, it's the thought that I've my heart on (menceceh la plak). When I came to UK and see how they really enforce the use of car restraint and other things about child safety, it amazed me! But somehow buat I rasa malu dan kecik sangat as Malaysian parents due to the lack of knowledge and awareness (acik kagum ko, tak caya meh datang sini, bawa anak naik beskal pun kena guna car seat weiihh!!)

Pardon me for writing some in English and some in Bahasa Malaysia (rojak spesel gitu), coz I feel like I’m closer to you (macam la korang kesah ye tak, hehheee) when I’m writing informally. I’m not really good with words so please be kind with me (ni kes tak mahu customer kecik hati le nih) if the information given is soooo (sila muncungkan mulut anda) straight to the point.

These were some of the questions from emails that I received, so I chose few for a start.

Q1. When is the best time to introduce car seat to your baby/child?

Right after you’ve been discharged from the hospital and going back to your home, that is the time to use a car seat right away.

Examples of infant car seats (newborn up to 13 kg)

Q2. I have a 2 years old son but I’ve never use a car seat before for my child, is it too late to start?

No! It’s never too late to start to implement anything relates to child safety. Of course your child will make a fuss during the first few weeks which that’s normal. Most of parents gave up when their child started to scream or cry after been buckled in their car seat. How can your child refuse? You are the parent! They do not have a choice if you do not allow them one. Eventually they will get used to it if you do not give in. This is where you need to get smart and creative in order to make them understand that they are safe when they are in their car seat and sitting on mommy’s lap is totally a BIG NO NO!!

They may not like it but I am sure they (and you) will not like it when they go flying thru the windshield or slam into the back of the seat in front and are either dead or seriously injured. You do not have to be speeding at all for an accident to occur and life altering injuries to be sustained - look into the statistic and research that has been done in other countries. This is the RIGHT THING TO DO!!

Contoh car seat bagi 9 bulan hingga 4-5 tahun.

Q3. Anak saya dah berumur 4 tahun, masih kena guna car seat ke? Guna seat belt je tak cukup selamat ke?

Yup, walau pun anak telah berumur 4 tahun, lebih selamat menggunakan car seat. Bagi yang berumur 6 tahun ke atas, boleh guna booster yang mempunyai head cushion/highback (to avoid neck/head injuries if collision occurs). Booster sebegini biasanya boleh ditanggalkan bila anak semakin membesar dan meninggi. Hanya guna tempat duduknya sahaja. Kenapa masih perlu guna booster walau pun anak telah pun berumur 7-11 tahun? Ini kerana, seat belt didalam kereta adalah direka untuk orang dewasa dan jika dipasangkan pada kanak-kanak, belt dibahagian bawah akan berada di atas perut dan bukannya di atas peha seperti yang sepatutnya. Jika berlaku sebarang impak yang kuat, kanak-kanak are mostly likely mendapat kecederaan dalaman yang serius di bahagian perut. Ini bukan bermakna kanak-kanak yang menggunakan booster tidak cedera langsung jika berlaku sebarang impak, tetapi kecederaan dibahagian hips/pelvic/tulang lebih mudah dirawat dan pulih dengan cepat atas faktor usia muda.

Kat bawah ni ada contoh, booster yang murah.


Pic taken from google image.
Aik??? Atas kotak aje? Ni ke dipanggil booster? Super cheap huh!!.

Eh silap! Ini bukan booster ye. SILA JANGAN TIRU AKSI INI!!!

Ha!!! Ini baru betul!!
Contoh booster untuk kanak-kanak berumur 6 tahun ke atas.

     Ini bukan orang bertanya, tapi I yang tanya pada seorang rakan yang nak ke pasar malam dan anaknye tak dipakaikan seat belt. Bila ditegur, dia kata, "Takpe rumah I dekat aje, lagi pun I bawa slow." Sungguh 'bijak' ibu itu berkata-kata. Saya percaya, rata-rata kita adalah pemandu yg berhemah tinggi dan cermat, tapi bukan kita seorang yang menggunakan jalan raya. Ada pemandu lain yang memandu laju and driving wrecklessly and just one emergency break or one hit to your car, the next thing you know your child is lying on the road bleeding to death!! Maaf jika ada yang tersinggung tapi, ini adalah KENYATAAN DAN KEBENARAN! Kalau tak percaya, tanya pada orang yang pernah accident. Ada tak mangsa kemalangan ni sempat berfikir untuk mengelak? Semua berlaku sekelip mata sahaja (ok, try kelip mata sekarang). 

Cukup dulu setakat ni, I don’t want to write a loooong (sila muncungkan sekali lagi mulut anda) entry, sebab tau bukan you all larat nak baca pun, hehhee.. Insyaallah (if God willing), will update more info. Before I go, always install your car seat properly and always check again after buckle up your child.


Yang menceceh,

(Kiddypreloved la!! Bukan Kris Dayanti ok..)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

VTech Light-Up Learning Bug

VTech Light-Up Learning Bug
Good Condition
Product Features:

-Get the bug for early learning with this cute light-up learning toy!
-Press the chunky legs or roll the wheels to encourage baby to learn a-b-c, 1-2-3, phonics, colours and insect names
-LEDs on his back light up in different patterns to reinforce learning as well as delighting and entertaining little ones
-Features the alphabet song and fun sound effects
-Pull-along cord tucks safely into the battery compartment for early play
-Age: 6-36 months

Price: RM55 including postage