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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

SAFETY is always a PRIORITY!

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone.

     After quiet some time leaving this blog unattended (sorry guys, I've been busy with my angels and offline business),  here I am (pulling my hairs hahahaa) writing again about the importance of using children car seats.

    Few road accidents involving young children and babies have been reported in the media lately. Sadly, most of the accidents were fatal.

     Hey parents!!! Use seat belts!!! You can't educate your children about safety if you are actually showing them by ignoring the existence of seat belts! The seat belts are there for a reason, they are not cosmetics to make your car look supercool.

 Children learn by example. So stop saying how much you love them, when you don't buckle up your seat belt, when you let them sit, jump and play freely in the car while driving, when you annoyingly smoking in a car,  use handphone ( there's an ancient technology tool that calls 'handsfree', don't you know? ) checking whatsapp or even tweets while your hands are supposed to be on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Screw you!!! You are s)*#, plain ignorants and id*#^!!!  ( Sorry because I am sick to hear parents say they love their kids but totally ignore about their safety!)

I'm gonna stop right here, before all of my adrenalines take over my mind and starts cursing and swearing. 

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More reading can be done here Is Adult Seat Belt Safe Enough for a child?

Cool parents use seat belts.
Intelligent parents use proper car seats.
Super cool and intelligence parents use seat belts, proper car seats and tell others about this blog.

Thank you.

Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Cool!